A Call to Build the House of the Lord

Dear Praying Friends,

Haggai 1:8. “Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified, saith the LORD.”

Greetings in the highest name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior. I am hoping that all is well with you. May this Mission newsletter fill your heart with joy and blessings as you read what God has been doing in our ministry among the Deaf people of Tanzania in East Africa. Please allow me to express our gratitude for your support of our long-distance mission work through your prayer and financial support toward our ministry. Your involvement always encourages us to be more enthusiastic in carrying out the Great Commission and ministering to the deaf in both spiritual and physical needs.

The Need to Plant Deaf Churches

Our Deaf Church, Bethel Baptist Deaf Church (BBDC) has been receiving numerous emails and text messages from Deaf people across Tanzania appealing us to establish churches in their region. We’re extremely burdened for the crying of the Deaf souls who are in real need of Deaf churches in their unreached region. Unfortunately, our financial capacity is very limited that we are not able to reach them at this time as the harvest is plenteous that need to be harvested. BBDC believes that a good church ought to train another leader and equip them with biblical knowledge to plant churches. With an exeception to financial obstruction, we ought to share our love to the dying souls for Christ. The Spirit of the Lord is upon BBDC to consider establishing its daughter church in Mbinga District in Ruvuma State in the Southern Hightland region of Tanzania.
Brother Samwel Mahena has been under my training at BBDC’s main church in Dodoma. The Lord has called Samwel to gospel ministry. Brother Samwel and his wife Yustina are now ministering to the deaf in Ruvuma State with some support from BBDC’s main church. I traveled to Ruvuma to preach the Word of Life in an open air worship service because there was not enough space in the room.
There I baptized seven (7) Deaf people who were saved under Samwel’s ministry in Ruvuma as you can see in the pictures. Please pray for Brother Samwel’s ministry there as BBDC has a great burden to expand its ministries. Through faith in Jesus, we should share our blessings to win the lost souls regardless of hardship we face because the soul winning is the highest task in the field of gospel ministry. Pray also for Samwel’s Deaf core team as listed below: Joseph Haule, Theondosia Mapunda, Jenifer Shaibu and Aidani Kapinga.

BBDC Building Project

We praise the Lord because of your faith that you share through prayer, love and giving to our ministry at BBDC in Tanzania. We’re almost done with the building project. We already built a large part of the church building including plumbing fixtures, electrical system, flooring, plastering the walls, and more. The Deaf men who are welding experts are currently doing the work for doors and windows as you can see in the pictures. Should the Lord speak to your heart to support this dedicated project as God spoke to the prophet Haggai as the above-mentioned verse. I pray that you will consider donating more wood to build the house of the Lord where Deaf souls will come to glorify the Lord. The term “wood” signifies the giving and sharing of the blessings to support the spreading of the gospel work whether it is in your local church or a long-distance mission support. Please remember us in your prayers. We really need more wood to help us as BBDC ministries are expanding across Tanzania. The building project witnesses the glory of God itself to the eyes of the hearing people because it’s hard for them to believe that the Deaf can have their own worship building. This miracle has been proved in Isaiah 42:18-21. I encourage you to open your Bible and read it!

Salvation and Baptism

As I mentioned that soul wining is the greatest business, so we’re joyful to share that 11 souls accepted Jesus Christ during the month of January – June 2017. Seven (7) of them were saved through Brother Samwel’s work in the Southern Highland; this is the fruit from BBDC’s evangelistic outreach. Four (4) of the converts were saved at BBDC main church in Dodoma. Two (2) of the 11 converts are hearing people. Furthermore, 19 believers were baptized during these months as you see in the pictures. This is a very inspiring ministry. Praise the Lord!

The Ministry Need

Most of all, we need from you is prayer, and when you pray for us, please consider joining your hands by giving your wood to win the lost deaf souls in Africa through this growing ministry. As we’re finishing the building project, we would need the fund to purchase chairs for worship auditorium. We also need the fundsto purchase office furniture as there are 4 rooms for offices in the new church building. This will help us to run the ministries efficiently at BBDC. We further need financial support to coordinate the evangelism outreach as the work is being expanded. Should God speak to your heart to support? Please make your check payable to Baptist International Outreach, and then write missionary name on the memo line.

Youth and Children

Our ministry loves to train deaf children and youth for Christ. BBDC has great passion to equip them to become lifelong servant leaders of the nation that instills Christian moral value in the community and to create a strong foundation in the society and competitive environment. We have been teaching the Bible lessons at Dodoma School for the Deaf. You can see in the pictures that they are listening to the lesson attentively and seeing pictures and video through screen projector.

The Wedding

I officiated at two different weddings. It’s a blessing to teach the Deaf to obey God’s divine ordinance of marriage because many Deaf people in Africa are living together before marriage.

Prayer request:

  • Pray for salvation.
  • Pray for the church construction project.
  • Pray for Brother Samwel’s ministry to be productive for Christ.
  • Pray for Children and Youth ministries.
  • Pray for financial need.

Thank you very much for your faithful support.

Sincerely in Christ,

Frank Laurent

A Value Of Labor Is A Reward

Subject: A Value Of Labor Is A Reward.

Dear Praying Friends,

1Corinthian 3:8  Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.

In a secular world the people devote much energy to their designated position in building a better society. Why do they devote their energy? Because they know that they are always receiving a wage for their labor. What we can learn from this picture as laborers of the gospel. This verse ensures us that we will also receive precious reward in glory according to our labor in the ministry. The phrase “planteth” maybe means soul winning and “watereth” maybe means discipleship and teaching for spiritual maturity.


We have been conducting evangelism program by visiting various places such as club, deaf school, bus station, and home. We had witnessed to some deaf and hearing people who did not respond to salvation; please pray for them to be saved. I met with one deaf guy at the bus station at around 7 pm and we talked about fun things which opened the door to the gospel! I invited him to my home and he came on the following day, there I told him that Jesus saves, and he confessed his sin and accepted Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

Please allow me to share with you about some interesting story from the outreach program; one of our church folk took me to reach his unsaved father who was staying in a hotel as he was visiting the state. He was praising me for being a Bible skilled that he had never heard, and I told him that it’s the power of the Holy Spirit that perform such a task. He further said that he believes in materialism because he is a professor at a teacher college, at last he did not accept Christ but noted that he will consider about it, please pray for him to be saved.  Another believer asked me to visit with her to her unsaved friend after church service, and we went there and found her with two children. We told her about salvation and she accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Total of six (6) deaf souls were saved, praise the Lord! Please pray for them to grow spiritually and come to church regular.

Christmas Fellowship

Bethel Baptist Deaf Church (Bethel Baptist Kanisa La Viziwi) held its first ever Christmas fellowship on last December. We invited deaf people to the event at aiming to reach them with Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. One (1) soul from a Muslim family was accepted Jesus Christ as Savior at the event. Praise the Lord!

Church Attendance

There has been average of 17-20 in attendance since Bethel Baptist Deaf Church was established on last September 14th, 2011. We are just a new church that will take some time to grow up. We have not seen some converters in church, pray for them to get back to spiritual path as we continue to discipline them in their areas. Satan is working so harder to stop the church from growing but he will not success his strategy against us because he is defeated by Christ!

The needs for Ministry

We are renovating a single room for church office as fund is available; the office will be used to run a ministry works. Your prayer for us is greatly appreciated, pray as we need some basic office facilities such as computer and printer, chair, and table.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Sincerely in Christ,

Frank Laurent

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